Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Häärintaliiviongelmia / Bridal bra problems

Ewa Michalak: PL Perelka
Olen päättänyt, että Ewa Michalakin PL Perelkasta tulee häärintaliivini. Hääpukuni on hyvin samaa sävyä kuin kyseinen liivi ja rakastan Ewa Michalakin liivien antamaa muotoa. Rakastan, rakastan näiden liivien ulkonäköä, mutta niiden(kin) hankkimisessa on tullut mutkia matkaan.

Tilasin ensin nämä ja mustat vastaavat liivit Michalakilta, ja kaikki sujui hyvin. Valitettavasti Perelkan kuppi oli liian pieni ja ympärys liian iso. Jouduin palauttamaan molemmat liivit. Postipakettini lähti matkaan viime viikon maanantaina, eikä se ole kuulemma vieläkään perillä Ewa Michalakin verkkokaupassa Puolassa. Alan olla jo aika huolestunut, sillä Michalakilla ollaan kuulemma palautusajoista todella tiukkoja. Lisäksi tarvitsen kyseiset liivit häihini, joten en voi kuin toivoa parasta että liivi löytäisi pian tiensä oikeaan osoitteeseen. Ulkomainen palautus lienee täysin minun vastuullani, eli jos paketti on hävinnyt niin en voi tehdä mitään asialle. Inhoan tätä!

PL Perelka

In English: I've decided I want to wear the PL Perelka at my wedding. The bra is absolutely beautiful and very close to the shade of my bridal gown. But the process of getting that perfect bridal bra seems to be a bit tricky.

I ordered the bra and received it but the band was too big and cup was too small. I sent the bra (and PL Black as it had too small cup, too) back but the online store hasn't received it yet. I sent it last Monday, so it's been travelling 1,5 weeks now. I don't understand, as they said it would only take 3-4 days!

I'm so concerned as I know that they are strict with the returns. Maybe it's just late or it's lost in the mail somewhere... I absolutely hate this!


  1. Oh no, I really hope they will accept the return!

    That's why I don't order from EM.
    I love the bras. I really do. But I don't have the money to spend on nothing if something doesn't work out, and the german girls had some pretty bitter experiences with return policies and stuff.
    Funnily enough, none of the UK/US Bloggers do...

    I hope everything goes well and I'm still hoping that one day you can order EM from another retailer (they finished the cooperation with .eu shop Onlyher, which really bums me out).

    xoxo denocte

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! I was pretty confindent in ordering because I hadn't read any bad experiences from those UK/US bloggers. It seems like I just spent money on nothing, and that just makes me want to swear so badly. I didn't think this was even possible.

      I'd love it too if Michalak was sold from another online shop. What were the bad experiences German girls have had with EM?

    2. They sometimes didn't take back returns claiming the bras were used, when the girls insisted they really just tried them on.
      Once the original receipt got lost in transport and they didn't refund, although the girl had a witness for putting the receipt in the box.
      That's just what the other girls experienced.

      It seems if you just buy, it mostly goes very well. But sending stuff back is always a bit risky.
      Sometimes everything goes perfectly well, sometimes it doesn't.

      I never sent anything back and with my purchase everything went well.

      It's a shame, because the bras are just adorable. The fit is amazing.
      We try to try on the model we have our eye on if y friend has got it so we can sort out which size we need in which model and then we put an order.
      Or we try to sell the bras via online communities instead of sending them back.

    3. I should've done that too, just keep the wrong size and try to sell it. At least I would've gotten some of my money back.

      Ewa Michalak's bras are just amazing but it does seem that they have a lot to do in terms of customer service and return policy. Although I don't know about my situation, my bras could've just gone missing in the mail.

      Thanks a lot for the info, I hope a lot of other women who order from EM will read this and concider carefully before they order or more importantly send something back.

  2. Another good US experience here. I sent my EM bras back with no problem. It took about two weeks until they notified me that they recieved the return and then I was credited rather quickly. I did place my exchange order very soon after shipping the return and wrote in the comments what items I was returning for exchange. I'm sure if you email them you can sort this out. I always hear back from them within 1-2 days. Did you insure your package?

    1. I've read that many have great experiences about EM. I sent my package back right away and sent a message what I want in return. I have been in contact with them but the problem is that they haven't received my package yet. I don't live that far from Poland, and that's why I wonder why it's not there yet.

      I was stupid and didn't insure my package. Guess I didn't think it was possible that a package would just disappear...

    2. still no news?
      I really hope that it didn't get lost in the mail!

      But I'm glad that contact with EM works fine :)

    3. I updated on Twitter that everything worked our great! My package was just stuck in the mail somewhere but on Sunday I got an email from Ewa that my package is there and they accept my return and send me new bras. So far everythings great, but I'm just hoping that the G cup will be big enough as I don't want to send he bras back again...

      So happy that you wrote about the experiences of German girls here, because from now on I will concider very carefully if I have to send something back to them. I guess their customer service varies A LOT as I wrote with Ewa on Sunday and she was very helpful and friendly. I'm just sad to hear about the stories of those German girls, that's just sad for them and bad PR for EM's great bras. :-(

    4. Oh, you're on twitter now? totally missed it!

      that's so great to hear!

      Maybe it was just a phase and EM is back to nice service - as it was in the beginning for us too. I hope so. Positive thinking ;)

    5. well. that's strange. I do follow you on twitter, but I missed your update. hmmmmm. shame on me ;)

    6. I hope EM is back to that nice service, too! I got my bras today and they fit pretty well, I'll do a post on them once I get some pictures taken. :-)